We refer to this path as reality based, self-unfoldment because the teachings allow an individual to put order into their spiritual lives without dogma, and removes them from emotionalism. By moving into natural law, one gains inner strength and begins to understand how consciousness can express itself through life.

Nevertheless, no one is exempt from the trials and tribulations in this lifetime.

One may try escapism from uncomfortable challenges by turning to drugs, alcohol or indulging in other addictions. But is that taking the high road? The healthy way of life?

It takes discipline and consistent effort to stay connected to one’s higher self. It’s a muscle we build over time that provides us with a great opportunity to develop intuition and insight in order to have a functional life.

We offer courses and a variety of services that energetically facilitates one’s connection to the divine.

We invite you to attend any one of our functions.

Feel free to navigate the site, stop in for a free session and see if it resonates with you.

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